drink, snack, combination and healthy vending machines

Free Vending Advisory Service


Have you been thinking about getting a vending machine for your workplace but don't know where to start?

Do you have an old vending machine which is creating huge electricity bills - need some advice about getting this old one out and a new one installed?

Not sure what sort of machine to get?  What size machine to get?  Where to get a machine from?

How many machines do we need?  Do we need 1 drink machine, 1 snack machine or a combination machine (drinks and snack from the one machine)?  Do we need several machines?


Has your current vending supplier got public liability insurance?  Have you got a copy of their certificate of currency?   Is 20 million public liability insurance enough?


All-Ways Vending has over 30 years vending experience and knowledge - please contact us if you have any questions/queries or concerns with regards to vending machines