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Q.  How do I go about getting a vending machine for my workplace?

A.  Contact us via email or telephone, we will meet you at your workplace, give you our recommendations on machine types and sizes most suitable for your site.  We agree on the number of machines to be installed and the location for each, type of machines and the products to be sold through the vending machines.   Leave the rest to us, we will organise everything and confirm with you a mutually agreeable time to install the machine/s.


Q.  How much does it cost to get a vending machine in my workplace?

A.  Absolutely nothing, free of charge, no costs to you at all.


Q.  What happens if the vending machine breaks down?

A.   Our machines are in A1 condition, however in the event of a machine malfunction or coin jam we will service the machine promptly.  All of our machines come with 'SureVend' a guaranteed product delivery system – ensuring you either receive your product or you get your money back.


Q.  Can we choose the products that go into our vending machine?

A.  Absolutely, we have the largest product range available and we welcome any special requests.


Q.  Can we have some healthy snacks in our vending machines?

A.  Absolutely, we have the largest range of healthier snacks and drinks to choose from i.e. gluten free products, high protein bar, low GI/low Carb/wheat free bars, tuna and cheese products.   For our fresh food vending machines we have fruit, yoghurts, sandwiches, pita wraps and mini meals like lasagna and pasta bolognese.


Q.  How often are the vending machines refilled?

A.  Our machines are on back to base telemetry monitoring systems notifying us when the machines are due to be refilled – we refill the machines as often as required i.e. daily, every second day/third day or weekly.


All-Ways Vending will deliver, install, fill, clean, maintain and service your vending machine free of charge.


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